Core Purpose and Guiding Principles


Forum Consulting, LLC was founded on the basic principle of taking a fresh approach to providing professional services to companies in the Tri-State area. Our clients come first and we put the Quality of our work product Above All Else. Our founders have a combined track record of over 50 years of outstanding client service. Our employees all have real world experience and excellent interpersonal skills and our rates are flexible and competitive.

As a firm dedicated to the principle of being "easy to work with" we pride ourselves on our client's total satisfaction so you can be assured that we will never take on a project that we can not deliver. As you will see by working with us, we are truly different from other firms. We are a closely held, private company and are only accountable to our employees, clients and communities. We do not have to deal with the pressures of quarterly earnings and short term thinking. We are in business for reasons beyond the bottom line and are dedicated to doing something that we can be proud of.

Core Purpose

To make a difference beyond the bottom line.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are what defines us as an organization. They are who we are, what we stand for...
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  Quality Above All Else
  Dedication to Client Service Excellence
  People Growth and Development
  Absolute Honesty and Integrity
  Continuous Self-Improvement as a Way of Life
  Contribution and Responsibility to Our Communities

So what does all this mean?

It means that you are dealing with a Firm that thinks and acts differently. It means that by keeping your best interests in mind, it makes our job of attracting and retaining the best available people in the industry possible. People whose focus is delivering the highest quality service on a timely basis.

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